Unbelievable! Twitter Just Suspended Accounts For Simply Posting Videos Showing ANTIFA VIOLENCE In Portland

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Michelle Malkin wrote an entire thread about two other victims of Antifa violence in Oregon, and she referenced a video made by @Lucet_Veritas.

Who has since been magically suspended …

Huh, it’s almost like Twitter is protecting Antifa. Wonder why that is.

Meanwhile, this as*hole’s account is just fine:

The whole world hates you. Loathes you to be precise.
Cant wait to get rid of you.

— Hesham Mansour (@Heshoz) July 1, 2019

Although we are hearing they made him delete his ‘kill the Jews’ tweet.

How magnanimous of them.

*eye roll and then eye roll again*

It’s certainly starting to seem that way.

Michelle noticed as well that her account has been suspended and called Twitter out.

Suspended for sharing real news.

That tells us everything we need to know about Twitter and ain’t none of it good.

Psh, they don’t even have to be extreme.



*adjusts tinfoil hat*

Dude, anything is possible at this point.


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