Ted Cruz GLORIOUSLY Schools Kaepernick After He BUTCHERS A Frederick Douglas Quote!

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Yesterday Colin Kaepernick, in an effort to make his point about how bad America really is on the 4th of July, quoted Frederick Douglass:

This is Kaepernick kneeling again during the National Anthem. Actually, it’s more like him spitting in the faces of everyone who loves this country, accusing this country of horrors like those that occurred back when Douglass wrote this.

But Ted Cruz gives Kaepernick a little education about this quote and about the love Douglass had for this country:

“Douglass was not anti-American”.

I’m so glad Cruz pointed this out, because that’s exactly what Kaepernick has become. And this is why it’s so offensive that NIKE would make him their spokesman.

Well done Ted Cruz. Frederick Douglass was a hero and Kaepernick would do well to learn from Douglass and his love for America, instead of trying to exploit him for his own un-America agenda.


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