WATCH: Knife Wielding Crazy Charges Cops, Then He Attempts To Take One Hostage!

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In an incident that happened in Georgia on Monday, police arrived at a scene with a man holding a knife. As we’ve seen in previous videos, the man began to walk toward the two officers with the knife and refused to put it down.

But this one turns out very different than the last.

As the man charges the officers, they repeatedly warn him to drop the knife. Over and over. Until the man begins to run toward one of the cops and he’s forced to shoot the man.

But that’s not where it ends, as you’d expect. After being shot, the man then gets up and charges the officer who shot him and actually gets behind him and puts his arm around the officer’s neck.

The other officer is then forced to fatally shoot the man who is literally behind the officer and thankfully doesn’t hit his partner in the process.

It’s a difficult video to watch but they do blur out the shooting, both times.

This is just another example of what our men in blue have to put up with as they seek to keep us safe every day by putting their own lives in jeopardy.


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