Joy Reid: Blacks Who Vote Republican Are BRAINWASHED Racists

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What’s the single greatest threat to the Democrat party? Any significant decline in support by its most loyal demographic–African-Americans. It’s been projected that an increase of only four or five percent of the black vote going to President Trump in 2020 would put into play four to six states he didn’t carry in 2016, virtually sealing the election for him.

Black Democrats know this. And thus they’re willing to attack in ugly terms fellow African-Americas who have the audacity to ditch the Democrats.  Take Elie Mystal, appearing once again on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show today. Reid ran a clip of President Trump saying Kamala Harris knocking Joe Biden wasn’t so great. Reid sneered “We’re giving the black lady too much credit, Elie.” He replied “Black people always getting something they don’t deserve, right? That’s the white thing, right, that they’re doing.” It continued:

ELIE MYSTAL: Donald Trump Jr., talking about whether Kamala Harris is black enough is like me talking about whether Idris Elba is hitting the gym hard enough. It’s dumb, it’s ridiculous. Obviously, look: there’s always going to be five, to ten, to 12 percent of African-Americans who have their vote colonized by the Republicans, or by Russia. And that’s just–look–you can’t free everybody.

So like that’s just going to be a thing that happens. And we have to try hard not to overreact to your black Republican friend telling you Kamala Harris isn’t black enough. – READ MORE

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