WATCH: Sheriff Narrowly Escapes With His Life After Man Attempts To Run Him Over TWICE!

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At a routine traffic stop in Florida for overly-tinted windows, a police officer was trying to get the driver of a SUV to comply with his commands to turn the vehicle off and raises his hands. The officer was forced to pull his gun on the driver and begin shooting when the driver reached for his weapon.

The officer was only able to shoot the driver in the leg as the driver began to drive off with the officer hanging on to the vehicle.

According to CBS the driver dragged the officer for about 100 yards before the officer was thrown off the vehicle.

ABC News, in their reporting on this, says the officer has been released from the hospital and the driver was caught and will be facing attempted murder charges. Watch their video as it shows more interaction between the officer and the driver and response by the police chief:



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