BURN! Sarah Sanders Ruthlessly Tosses AOC In The Trash Over Pathetic Swipe At Ivanka Trump!

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As Red State‘s Alex Parker wrote Sunday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took a sideswipe at Ivanka Trump Saturday after BBCjournalist Parham Ghobadi posted a video clip of her attempt at getting involved in a discussion among world leaders during the G-20 summit over the weekend.

To recap, here’s the clip:

Instead of using the clip as an opportunity to boost another woman, as she would have had it been a Democratic female trying to make her mark at a world summit, Ocasio-Cortez – who is notorious for accusing her critics of disliking her not just because she’s a woman but also because she’s a “woman of color” – used her massive platform on Twitter to tear down Trump instead:

Her cult-like followers took Ocasio-Cortez’s lead, and started tweetingout memes of Trump with the hashtag “#UnwantedIvanka.”

Twitchy documented later on about how, after AOC took a considerable amount of heat over her catty remarks, the freshman Congresswoman went on a wild rant about “leadership” that nobody outside of her deluded fan base was buying.

Later, former White House Press Secretary Sanders got wind of AOC’s comments about Trump and took to the Twitter machine weigh in on the matter:

“AOC is wasting your time on Twitter.” Truer words were never spoken.

Via RedState

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