HORRIFIC: Planned Parenthood Has Been Caught HARVESTING ORGANS From LIVING Babies

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Remember the time Planned Parenthood was caught harvesting organs from living babies for profit?

It’s OK if the leftist controlled news buried it, that’s what I’m here for.

In a series of undercover videos meant to shine a light on the evils of Planned Parenthood, the Washington Times interviewed a “tissue procurement technician” whose job it was to harvest organs for a stem cell research company at a Planned Parenthood in California.

It gets worse according to the Washington Times….

Find me the pro-abortion activist that’s ok with that, because last I checked cracking open the head of a living baby to get inside is MURDER.

This is absolutely neither moral nor legal, and we need to start holding people accountable and it starts with all these politicians that are paid off by Planned Parenthood.

Are we not supposed to notice that Democrats get paid to push these abortion bills by Planned Parenthood using the SAME tax payer funded money the clinic claims it needs to keep its doors open?

That’s a pretty glaring circular money laundering scheme they’ve got going on, don’t you think?

They are murdering living babies so that the rich and elite in Hollywood can shoot stem cells into their vain, aging bodies. That must be the “healthcare” Planned Parenthood always claims to be about.

This was 2015, do you think it stopped? Do you think anyone went to jail for it?

No. It was dismissed away as if nothing was wrong. In fact, the two pro-life activists that shot the videos were indicted for “filming without consent” and “privacy invasion.” No one at Planned Parenthood ever was ever indicted, and prosecutors claimed that the video was too edited for time to serve as proper evidence.

Ain’t that some bullshit?

The most laughable thing has to be the way Snopes declared it only partly true….because they brought the baby to life before gruesomely killing it by cutting its face open.

When will enough be enough?

VIA Red White and F You

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