House Dems ‘Pass’ $4.5 Billion ‘Border Bill’ – Here’s Why It’s A Complete Joke And An Insult To The Border Crisis!

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House Democrats pass a $4.5 billion funding bill to deal with the Humanitarian migrant crisis at the border, however only three Republicans voted for the bill and four Democrats did not:

As you might have guessed, Democrats passed a bill that they knew wouldn’t get bipartisan support which will create problems trying to mesh it with a bipartisan $4.6 billion dollar Senate bill already in progress.

Democrats denied any funding to ICE and refused to fund investigations into human trafficking, which we all know is a huge problem at the border. They also didn’t provide anything to help stop the crisis from happening:

The measure provides $60 million for nonprofit organizations to find nondetention housing for illegal immigrants.

The measure provides nothing to help stem the influx of the more than 100,000 illegal immigrants who have been apprehended on the border each month.

The measure also withholds additional funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers and withholds funding sought by the GOP to investigate human trafficking that has been widely employed to smuggle children across the border.

The GOP-led Senate isn’t likely to consider the House bill.

As I pointed out, the Senate has their own bill. And when I say the Senate bill is bipartisan, that’s because it passed with a vote of 30-1 in the appropriations committee last week. Why can’t the House do the same?

At the end of the day, it seems unlikely that the House and Senate will be able to agree on a bill that passes before the end of the month when funding runs dry.


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