VIRAL: Snowflake Young Punk Gets DESTROYED By Older Fella In WILD Bar Fight!

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A wild bar fight has gone viral on Twitter.

The video shared by Cole Morgan shows an older man in some kind of scufflewith a young dude, and it doesn’t end well for the guy with youth on his side.

The older gentleman absolutely destroyed the younger guy. I’m not talking about a love tap. I’m talking about jacking somebody up.

Watch the incredible hit below.

There’s nothing funnier than watching older guys beat the living hell out of younger cocky opponents. Here’s some free advice for all of you. Youth doesn’t translate to a direct advantage in fighting.

It just doesn’t. Being younger and likely in better shape doesn’t mean you’re going to win a physical altercation. The sooner you all learn that, the better.

Not only that, but getting your butt kicked by a much older dude is going to sting in the embarrassment department for a very long time.

Young dudes are some of the dumbest people walking the planet. Trust me, I used to be one. They think they’re invincible.

They’re not.

I don’t know what started this altercation, but it’s clear as day what ended it. That old man wasn’t playing games and he had to teach the young buck a lesson he won’t soon forget.

You just hate to see it!

Via DailyCaller

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