LAST CHANCE: Trump Agrees To Two Week Delay, But If Dems. Won’t Deal Mass Deportations Will Begin!

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Democrats have begged and pleaded, and now President Trump has chosen to act in good faith. Trump announced Saturday afternoon that he will delay a promised mass ICE raid by two weeks in order to allow Democrats to finally do SOMETHING about our dismal asylum laws and loopholes.

However, if Democrats believe they can stall this one out, Trump has dared them to call his bluff. In his tweet, President Trump declared that if Democrats failed to produce a working solution then the deportations would be resume in masse and unhindered.

Some may want to criticize the President’s decision, but it’s hard to deny that Trump has shown time and again that he is willing to work on both sides of the aisle as long as the American people benefit from it. This stands as a stark slap in the face against Democrats as the desperately try to win the American peoples affections away from the MAGA President.

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