CNN’S CUOMO: ‘America First’ And ‘Nationalism’ Worse Than Concentration Camps, ‘There’s No American Nationalism’

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It’s amazing how far the left will go to defend Ocasio-Cortez and her ridiculous “concentration camps” comment. Here is Chris Cuomo trying to suggest that “America first” is stained with Nazi nationalism after he loses the debate on ‘concentration camps’

Chris Cuomo is a dirtbag. At the beginning of the clip he tries to disassociate ‘concentration camps’ with Nazism, yet then he refuses to allow Steve Cortez to disassociate American ‘nationalism’ with Nazism. In other words he’s saying “America First” is Nazi but not “concentration camps.” What a putz.

Look no matter what you associate “concentration camps” with, that’s not what is going on at the border. The Trump administration is not creating camps to oppress people or treat them inhumanely, and it’s an insult to our men and women at the border to suggest such madness. They are simply trying to deal with a humanitarian crisis of hundreds of thousands coming HERE every month as humanely as possible.


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