AG Barr Is Ready To Take Names, Prepares To Question Top CIA Officials Over FISA Abuses

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The New York Times reports that Attorney General William Barr is getting serious about finding out just how it was that the FISA surveillance was approved against Trump campaign officials.

And he will not spare the top officials at the CIA:

The Justice Department plans to interview senior CIA officers as part of its investigation into the origins of the Russia investigation, according to The New York Times.

CIA Director Gina Haspel has told senior officials that while the CIA plans to cooperate, it will protect information that could place sources or collection methods at risk, the newspaper reported, citing current and former American officials.

The Department of Justice has not filed formal written requests to talk to the officers, but intelligence officials have been informed that Attorney General William Barr has assigned the United States attorney in Connecticut, John H. Durham, to seek the interviews, according to the Times.

Haspel does not plan to block the interviews and has told officers it will be possible to talk with Durham without risking agency secrets.

Barr is reportedly seeking further information on how the agency concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian operatives to aid President Trump’s 2016 campaign and damage that of Hillary Clinton, according to the Times, citing current and former officials.

Hannity talked about it after a few minutes of telling Republican politicians how wonderful and amazing they are:

Hopefully we’ll get some answers, but I’m not holding my breath. All we get is unsubstantiated accusations and people yelling “treason” on twitter endlessly…..



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