YouTube Thought They’d Silenced Him, They Only Made Steven Crowder Stronger Than Imaginable!

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Conservative comedian Steven Crowder has been in the center of a massive firestorm over the past couple of weeks thanks to Vox’s Carlos Maza and his hurt feelings going after YouTube to shut Crowder down. The problem is, at least for the left, is that the attack on Crowder has only made him more popular than ever.

According to Vice News, Crowder has experienced massive growth in audience and income thanks to the left’s attempts to silence him. This includes a nearly 86,000 additional users that subscribed to his feed over the last seven days, and a massive increase in his “socialism is for figs” t-shirt, as well as a massive increase to his “Mug Club” subscription.

“We would all gladly give up all monetization if it just meant that we got to keep the reach that we’ve acquired ourselves — meaning you, who’s subscribed, or you, who decided to get notifications,” said Crowder during an episode. “If we get to keep that, we’re OK because we’ll make it with people joining Mug Club, with people buying merch.”

They even made Maza employee of the month for being the best subscription pusher Crowder has ever had not working for him.

What’s more, Crowder’s growth is a sign to companies that censorship, especially of the right, is only going to make voices louder, not quieter. The comedian is now seen as a beacon of anti-censorship against the leftist takeover big tech and its quest to deplatform as many on the right as possible.

As companies ban figures like Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, Alex Jones, and more from their platforms, outrage over tech companies practicing blatant bias grow louder, only fueling a feeling of rebellion among free speech advocates. Crowder is perfectly positioned to be the figurehead of this movement now thanks to the left’s efforts to get YouTube to ban him.

YouTube, however, is not willing to go that far.

“If we took down that content, there would be so much other content that we would need to take down,” YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told Code Conference in Arizona on Monday night.

This has only enraged the left, and as their efforts to wipe the internet of dissenting opinion continues, figures like Crowder will only grow in power and voice. Their own efforts to own the narrative are working against them in ways they likely didn’t intend.

It’s a beautiful turn of events and just another sign to the left that they’re no longer allowed to monologue about human events like they used to. You’re in the jungle, baby.

Via RedState

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