Democrats Tout Contempt Threats Once Again, But AG Barr Isn’t Even Batting An Eye!

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First it was the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. Now the Dems on the Oversight Committee, led by Elijah Cummings, are piling on and threatening to hold both AG Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt:

It was reported at the end of April that the Supreme Court was signaling to the Trump administration that it may side with them regarding the addition of a citizenship question to the US census.

I’m not sure exactly what Cummings has subpoenaed, but he’s probably hoping to find some nefarious reason for the Trump administration wanting this added to the census, something that can be used against the Trump administration in this fight.

Of course, Cummings is calling this part of the “one of the most unprecedented cover-ups since Watergate”. You can read this letter below if you like:



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