Peyton Manning Took a Pass on Joining The ‘Monday Night Football’ Team, and the Reason Why Should Terrify Football Fans

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Peyton Manning had discussions about joining the “Monday Night Football” crew, but ultimately decided against it.

From Daily Caller:

According to Ryan O’Halloran of the Denver Post, the two-time Super Bowl champion decided it “wasn’t the right time.”

He also added it might “never” be the proper time for him to broadcast the “MNF” games.

It’s really too bad Manning won’t be in the booth because the man is an electric factory. Everything he does is entertaining.

Manning is a football expert, he’s got all the charisma in the world and he brings some serious credibility with him when it comes to the sport.

ESPN should just have thrown as much money necessary at him to get the job done. Of course, given how much money the NFL legend already has, that number might have been too much for even ESPN.

Maybe things will change down the road, but the former Colts and Broncos gunslinger dropping the “never” line doesn’t fill me with hope we’ll ever see him as part of the “MNF” crew.


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