YUGE: Supreme Court Just REFUSED To Hear Abortion And Transgender Bathroom Cases!

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The Supreme Court has refused to take up the issue of abortion as it relates to selective abortions by race, gender, or a diagnosis of Down Syndrome:

LA TIMES – The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld part of an unusual Indiana abortion law that requires clinics to bury or cremate the remains of a fetus. The justices in a short opinion said the law did not violate a woman’s right to choose abortion.

But in doing so, the court sidestepped a much larger issue — deciding not to consider Indiana’s effort to revive a law that could have made it illegal for women to end a pregnancy because of the race or gender of the fetus or if they received a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

The court’s action Tuesday signals that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and his fellow conservatives are not ready to directly confront abortion rights, at least during a presidential election year. Had the high court agreed to hear the Indiana case, it would have been argued in the fall and decided by June 2020.

Notice the last paragraph is opinion of the LA Times. While they may be right, it could also signify that the Supreme Court is waiting for a much broader challenge to Roe Vs. Wade which they all know is coming.

The high court also refused to consider a challenge to a Pennsylvania school district allowing transgenders to use whatever bathroom they choose:


I went back and looked at the bill from Indiana that forced the burial or cremation of a fetus and it states that it “prohibits an individual from acquiring, receiving, selling, or transferring fetal tissue.”

No doubt that this portion of the bill was intended to prevent the selling of aborted baby parts and this is what the Supreme Court upheld.

So that is a small victory by the Supreme Court in this war on abortion.


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