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These Adults Were Conceived From a Rape – Here’s What They Have to Say About State Abortion Bans

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Missouri, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama and Ohio have enacted abortion legislation in the past year, causing pro-choice advocates to speak out in an uproar of protests. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU filed a lawsuit Friday against Alabama abortion legislation.

From Daily Caller:

But Rebecca Kiessling, a woman conceived through a brutal sexual attack on her mother, claims that lawmakers should punish rapists and not babies.

Kiessling is the founder and president of Save the 1, an organization dedicated to educate the public on saving the 1% of aborted babies conceived through rape.

“I was conceived when my birthmom was abducted at knifepoint by a serial rapist,” Kiessling told TheDCNF, explaining that her mother attempted to have illegal abortions twice.

“I was almost killed,” Kiessling said. “She backed out because it was illegal and fear for her own safety. Pro-choice when we met, she made it clear she would have aborted me if it had been legal.”

But Kiessling’s mother is no longer pro-choice. “Six years later she changed her ‘choice.’ Now, 30 years since we met, we are both thankful we were both protected from the horror of abortion.”

Kiessling wants lawmakers to know that their arguments against the lives of babies conceived in rape are dehumanizing and demoralizing to her a woman who would not be here if her mother had not chosen life.

“It is absolutely dehumanizing and demoralizing when I hear politicians say that I deserved to die for the crime of the man who raped my mother.  I deserved equal protection.  I’m not a rapist’s child, I’m the child of a rape victim and my mother and I object to me being characterized otherwise.”

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