Hillary Clinton Loves Her Some Baby Murder – Sickeningly Gushes Over Abortion On The View

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Where else would you expect to see the Wicked Witch of Benghazi gushing about a woman’s choice to murder her own children? If you said “The View,” go to the head of the line.

Watch as Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife raves about her support of Roe v. Wade amongst the cackling hens on The View and their trained clapping seals in the audience in this shameful 2016 campaign stop.

This just crossed my mind. Why does a woman get to choose whether her child lives or dies? The father is an equal partner in the conception of this unfortunate soul. Shouldn’t he have a say? Suppose the mother wants the child, but the father doesn’t? Can he force an abortion? Not in today’s political climate where men are perceived as ignorant trash and women make all of the decisions.

It is my opinion that mothers and fathers are not the “owners” of their offspring, especially accidental mothers and fathers. They are only custodians. God decides who lives and who dies, not irresponsible sex partners who weren’t bright enough to foresee the consequences of sex without birth control, an argument totally wasted on those who cheer on demons like Hillary Clinton.


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