President Trump Pledges A YUGE Memorial Day Surprise

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Several military members that have been accused or convicted of war crimes could be in for a big surprise thanks to President Trump.

It’s very possible that POTUS will be preparing pardons for these military members and plans to expedite the pardons, perhaps in time for Memorial Day according to unnamed officials.

The DCNF reports that the report comes after Trump tweeted March 30 about the situation of a Navy SEAL awaiting trial for war crimes. Highly decorated Navy SEAL Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher is facing trial at the end of May for alleged war crimes including shooting unarmed civilians and killing an enemy captive.

“In honor of his past service to our Country, Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher will soon be moved to less restrictive confinement while he awaits his day in court. Process should move quickly!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump also said in December 2018 he would be “reviewing the case” of a former U.S. Army Green Beret charged with the premeditated murder of an Afghan while serving in 2010. Former U.S. Army Major Mathew Golsteyn is charged with murdering an unarmed suspected Taliban bomb maker during a deployment in 2010.

Trump might also pardon former Blackwater security contractor Nicholas Slatten, according to The NYT. Slatten was convicted in December 2018 of murder at his third trial in the 2007 shooting of unarmed civilians in Iraq, reported The Associated Press.

Trump pardoned another member of the military earlier in May. The president issued a full pardon May 6 to former Army First Lieutenant Michael Behenna, who served five years in prison after being convicted of murdering a suspected al-Qaeda terrorist.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

God Bless.


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