The End Of Free Speech: Australians Will Soon Face YEARS In Jail For ‘Offensive’ Speech Online

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Online trolls could soon face up to five years in prison, if the Prime Minister of Australia gets his way.

It’s already illegal to “menace, harass or cause offence” online in Australia. That’s right. It’s illegal to offend someone in Australia.

And that cybercrime carries up to three years in prison if “reasonable persons” would consider the online behavior offensive or menacing.

But the Prime Minister wants a stiffer penalty of up to five years for offending someone else’s delicate feelings.

As usual, the government keeps their laws nice and obscure so that they can make the case that practically anyone has broken them.

Don’t be fooled to thinking this couldn’t happen in America.  This is exactly the type of policy being pushed by many on the authoritarian Left at home.

From The Guardian


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