REALLY?! AOC Quotes Bible To Support Her Bill, Then Attacks The Entire Religion!

Ocasio-Cortez is truly the leading intellectual in the Democratic party as this irrational display of absurdity shows.

On the one hand, she actually cites the Bible in support of her bill to regulate interest rates:

THEN she goes on to MOCK Christians and their theology when it comes to abortion!

Wha? This is abject nonsense. No one is calling for criminalization of AOC skanking it up with any stranger she wants, we just don’t want people to slaughter unborn children because it’s more convenient to be irresponsible.

So… is she FOR living under biblical instruction, or not? I guess only when it serves her socialist political agenda, otherwise, she craps all over the faith. Incredible hypocrisy, but you won’t see her called on it by the mainstream media anywhere. We, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy pointing at her stupidity and laughing heartily.


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