AOC Tells A YUGE Lie While Complaining About Alabama’s Pro-Life Bill – She Gets Shutdown!

This is a perfect example of the kind of careless stupid crap that regularly plops out of Ocasio-Cortez’s piehole that we get to see but is ignored by the media.

Check out what she said about the Alabama pro-life bill:

Huh? That is just a bald-faced lie, and she gets called out about it. But she wrote it in that way exactly to mislead people into thinking women would be imprisoned for abortions, when the bill says only that abortion providers could be punished.

I mean, when even an Onan Network anchor can embarrass you, you know you got problems.

Of course, she just lies about it:

That’s not what her tweet implied, and she knows it. It’s a stupid standard, but it’s stupid enough for abortion-loving degenerates to love, and she’ll keep arguing idiotically because they will swallow it up enthusiastically.


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