Trump Takes Critics To School Over The Art Of The Trade War – China Doesn’t Know Who They’re Dealing With!

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This morning Trump has taken to Twitter to defend his trade war with China and he apparently has a lot to say.

Up to this point he’s tweeted 10 times already this morning and you can read them below:

There’s a lot that Trump said here, but clearly he’s suggesting to China that a deal will be made when he’s ready to make it and not before. I don’t know if he’s right about the steel industry floursing, but I don’t like that he put the high steel tariffs on our allies and then refused to remove them. I may be wrong, but I believe those 25% tariffs are still in place.

In any event, it’s a different animal with China. He’s certainly geared up for this fight but China is talking tough too, suggesting they won’t back down from this trade war.



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