GLORIOUS! Liberal Feminists TURN On Alyssa Milano’s Idiotic ‘Sex Strike’

This is too much fun. So earlier we posted how conservatives are making fun of Alyssa Milano over her ridiculous “sex strike” for abortion – which is, like, exactly what we’ve been telling women to do. But anyway!

Now even liberals are attacking her over it because it’s problematic for them too!!

Here’s the dumb tweet that started it all:

And here’s the liberal backlash:


Seriously, NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU, in fact, we’re BEGGING you to stop having irresponsible sex that leads to aborted children!

This scam artist idiot is always good for a laugh:

That one’s a lesbian, so I guess she’s gonna keep denying sex to men? LOL!

Wow that’s pathetic – her only joy is casual irresponsible sex with strangers. Robbed! LOL!

Oops, they figured it out!

Dim-witted liberals are so entertaining when they’re not destroying the Republic. Sigh.


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