WATCH: Democrats Attempt DECEPTIVE Attack Against Republicans, That’s When Dan Crenshaw Exposed It To All Of America!

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This morning Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw is exposing what he’s termed one of the most shameful and deceitful bills to come out of the Democrat-led House. And it’s about preexisting conditions, but not really.

First, let me show you what the bill is intended to do…

Democrats are trying to set up these phony attacks on Republicans for the coming 2020 election by creating dishonest bills like this. In this case it’s about preexisting conditions. What will be next?

But Dan Crenshaw is exposing their lies by explaining that the bill isn’t at all what they say it is in the title of the bill. This morning he released this new video explaining it:

Yesterday he also tweeted about this deceitful bill:

Kudos to Crenshaw for exposing the truth about this bill. Republicans must fight back the lies coming from Democrats who are becoming more radical by the day.


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