‘Completely Misleading’ – Liberal Networks Get BLASTED For Omitting Two Critical Facts About The Colorado STEM School Shooter

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One of the two shooters at a high school in Colorado hated Christians, Republicans and praised Barack Obama. Yet none of the networks have, so far, covered his angry social media posts. This is in contrast to other occasions when they have tried to pin violence on conservative ideology.

Fox News, however, looked at possible motives. Reporter Trace Gallagher on Wednesday explained, “The older suspect is identified as 18-year-old Devon Erickson. Well known on social media for being pro-Obama, anti-Trump, and for lashing out at Christians because he claims they, quote, ‘hate gays.’”

He added, “A friend says he thought Erickson was just messing around with his social media comments but that maybe he was offering hints.” That unidentified student claimed that the shooter’s online presence “caused a lot of harm and sadness.”

So far, none of the network lead evening or morning shows have covered this angle. On Friday’s Today, reporter Gadi Schwartz hinted at the shooter’s rage: “Some students angry over red flags the older suspect seemed to have waved in their faces. Described as a bully to some younger student who they say often joked about shooting up the school.” Co-host Craig Melvin noted, “We’re hearing from students who now claim that red flags were missed.” – READ MORE

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