WATCH: Defense Sec. CONFIRMS Hundreds Of Miles Of Border Wall Contracted And Ready To Be BUILT!

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I’ve got some good news for you on the building of the southern border wall. The Acting Secretary of Defense says they’ve already contracted out 256 miles of wall to be built:

And here’s video:

Shanahan says the Army Corp of Engineers has responsibility for building the wall and has contracted out about 256 miles.

He says it’s being funded with both DHS funds from 2017 and 2018 and Treasury forfeiture funds, as well as reprogrammed funds.

He says that 63 miles of new wall should come online in about six months and that results in the wall being built at about half a mile per day. At that rate it would take over two years to build the 256 miles unless they can increase the number of contractors at work to build the wall.

256 miles is significant, but probably only about a quarter of what needs to be built in totality. So I hope they can double up some of this to get it built as quickly as possible.


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