John Kerry Commits Act Of TREASON By Working With Terrorist State And Trump Wants to PROSECUTE!

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Today at a press conference Trump called out John Kerry for working with Iran in violation of the Logan Act (an act of treason) and says he should be prosecuted:

While Trump says Kerry should be prosecuted, he also said his people don’t want to do that because that’s the kind of the Democrat administrations do or something.

would remind you that last year Marco Rubio asked the DOJ to investigate John Kerry for this very violation, but from what Trump says today it doesn’t sound like it’s going anywhere.

And just to point out, Kerry was asked about this last year and did not deny that he was trying to get Iran to wait out the president, hoping Trump will be gone in 2020:

Honestly, I don’t buy Trump’s excuse that Democrats are the only ones who do this.

If this is a clear violation of the Logan Act as it appears to be, then the DOJ should absolutely prosecute Kerry on this. The DOJ is supposed to be void of politics and if he’s guilty, he deserves to be prosecuted. After all, this is serious stuff.

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