WATCH: CNN Guest DISGUSTINGLY Proclaims That Unborn Children Are ‘Not A Human Being’

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I think I’ve heard it all now.

In an abortion debate on CNN last night, Christine Quinn with the National Institute of Reproductive Health literally said that a baby is NOT a human being while it’s inside the woman’s body.


It’s mind-blowing just how far these radicals will go to protect a woman’s right to murder her baby.

Watch the full debate below and you’ll see both Chris Cuomo, the host of this debate, and Christine Quinn hiding behind the ‘law of the land’ and completely ignoring science in determining when a baby is a baby. Which is amazing in of itself when you think about how the left hates law of the land on guns, the second amendment, and would love to get rid of it. But I digress.

And then Quinn drops this bombshell that a baby is not really a baby, just a part of a woman’s body. It’s evil.

Chris Cuomo then tries to shame Rick Santorum telling him that when a woman has an abortion, she has to live with that decision which is something he’ll never understand as a man. Such a pathetic argument! A murderer will always have to live with what they did in a way that I never will because I’m not a murderer. That doesn’t justify anything.

Here’s the full debate below for you to watch:


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