Mueller Agrees To Testify Before Democrats…Here’s Why It’ll Be A Complete Waste Of Time!

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Some random Democrat you’ve never hear of, Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline (not to be confused with former Italian Ciccolina, though you could be forgiven the error), has announced that an agreement has been reached with Department of Justice to permit special counsel Robert Mueller to testify before Fat Jerry Nadler’s committee on May 15.

This promises to be high comedy.

It is difficult to see how Mueller can break any more of the basic ethical principles prosecutors are supposed to adhere to than he already has. But we can be sure, if the utter sh**show that was Bill Barr’s testimony before an infinitely more sane Senate Judiciary Committee is any guide, that Mueller will be under intense pressure to not only proclaim that there was “collusion” but that Trump “obstructed” what is looking to be an investigation which was knowingly launched based of false information and prosecuted merely out of a desire to damage the administration and let Andrew Weissmann engage in some sort of score-settling with Paul Manafort. He will also be under pressure to accuse Bill Barr of lying to Congress and deceiving the nation by releasing Mueller’s report (and that is exactly what he’s being accused of)–see VIDEO. Ted Cruz Reveals the Kerfuffle Over Mueller’s Letter to Be the Ridiculous Nonsense It Is.

If Mueller doesn’t give them what they want, they will savage him. He has to know that. Sad to say, the odds of Mueller being up to the challenge of not shifting overtly into the role of partisan attack dog are not great.

Via RedState

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