WATCH: Trump Puts An Obnoxious Reporter IN HER PLACE!

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Today in the White House, Trump was answering a question about his conversation with Putin today regarding the Mueller investigation, when he stopped to rebuke a reporter for being rude and interrupting him:

When I first saw this I totally LOL’d.

Not because Trump rebuked her per se, but because after he rebuked her he only said one more ‘wrap-up’ sentence and he was done.

So it wasn’t like her interruption was egregious or anything, but I guess Trump had a small bee in his MAGA bonnet.

Trump did say that Putin doesn’t really want to get involved with Venezuela, that he only wants something positive to happen for the country:

I find that surprising, especially after Pompeo just accused Russia of being the only reason Maduro stayed in the country the other day after the coup had begun. Pompeo said Maduro was headed for his airplane, but the Russians convinced him to stay.

I don’t know if this is Trump just being nice to Putin like he’s done with Kim Jong Un in the past or if he’s really this naive. I’m not saying Trump is wrong here either, but I find it hard to believe that Putin doesn’t want to get involved with Venezuela when they already seem involved keeping the communist dictator in power.



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