Trump TEARS Into Obama: He Did NOTHING When FBI Told Him About Russian Interference, NOTHING!

As Attorney General William Barr was preparing to take questions from the Senate on Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to ask some questions of his own on the findings of the report from special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Mueller report found that the Russian government successfully meddled in the 2016 election. Although there was no evidence that the Trump campaign was involved in the meddling, Russian actors attempted to spin the election against Hillary Clinton using document leaks and a social media campaign.

During the time of the meddling, neither Clinton nor Trump was in the position to stop the meddling. Only former President Barack Obama could have done something to stop the interference. Trump took to Twitter to question why “nothing” was done by the Obama administration to stop the interference when it became aware it was happening.

The Obama administration has defended its response by claiming it didn’t want to inform the public about Russian meddling unless there was a bipartisan statement released by both the White House and the Republican-controlled Senate in October, a month before the election. – READ MORE

Via TruePundit

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