WATCH: Lindsey Graham SQUASHES Mazie Hirono’s Slanderous Rant Against AG Barr!

In the judiciary committee hearing a few moments ago, Lindsey Graham had reached his limit of Mazie Hirono’s attacks on AG Barr and shut her down:

Just before Graham stepped in, Hirono had actually accused Barr of lying to Congress saying “You lied to Congress…You knew you lied and now we know” without even letting him defend himself:

Not only did she accuse him of intentionally lying to Congress, but also accused him of impropriety in using his office to act as Trump’s personal attorney.

And then, as you heard in the first video, when she finally got around to asking Barr a question she refused to even explain to him the basis of her question, acting as though he knew what she was talking about but was refusing to answer.

Absolutely despicable!


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