Protesters Descend On NYT – ‘Whoever Approved These Anti-Semitic Cartoons Must Be FIRED!’

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Last week, in its international edition, The New York Times ran a blatantly anti-Semitic political cartoon that depicted a blind President Trump being led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was depicted as a dog wearing a collar with a star of David. This was not trading in tropes. This was old-school, nauseating bigotry that would not be out of place on neo-Nazi websites or the deepest, darkest corners of Reddit.

The Times has apologized (disclosure, I have written for the Times) but for many New Yorkers that just wasn’t good enough. Monday evening, they staged a protest outside the lavish offices of the Gray Lady and demanded the firing of those involved with publishing the offensive cartoon.

At a time when anti-Semitism is growing around the world, synagogues in the United States are the subject of terrorist shootings, and Jews in New York are being violently attacked at an alarming rate, the response from the Times to its outrageous decision to run the cartoon is underwhelming and unacceptable.

According to Hillary Barr, one of the organizers of the protest, who works with Mothers Against Terrorism, “whoever was involved with the decision to publish this cartoon must be fired immediately.” She went on to say that “if it were any other race or religion it would never have been published.” – read more

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