BREAKING: Trump Speaks Out, SLAMS NY Governor’s Petty Battle With NRA

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This morning Trump has officially weighed in on the fight within the NRA, blaming the governor and AG of New York state for trying to destroy the NRA:

UPDATE: Trump just continued his tweets on this, suggesting the NRA should leave New York State:

The NRA appears to be in meltdown this weekend with all that’s unfolded during the convention.

Right now they are having a big board meeting, one where no recording devices are allowed, according to Stephen Gutowksi. Here’s a few of his tweets from last night and this morning:

Last night…

This morning…

Gutowski says he expects we won’t know anything until the meeting is over, which could be tomorrow. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if there were leaks from the meeting in some of the big newspapers if the meeting isn’t over today.

We’ll keep following this and let you know when there is news.


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