AOC Crazy-Stupid Logic 101: Like, Immigrants Are Only ‘Illegal’ Because…You Know, Trump Makes Them Illegal

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Here’s the latest crazy stupid thing out of the maw of Rep. Crazy-Stupid (D-C.S.).

In this one she says that the way in which Trump has administered the law is forcing people to become illegal aliens.

Watch below:

I think this is the sneaky tactic that Democrats are using to shoehorn in open borders when they know most people are against it. They want us to believe that Trump is unfairly restricting access to asylum, as if every single illegal alien is eligible for asylum. They’re not. And she probably knows that, but she’s misleading her little puppet followers because she knows the truth is just not gonna popular with most Americans.

On the other hand, I don’t have a problem with her saying, later in the video, that illegal aliens have human rights. Of course they do. If we believe they are God-given rights, then we would be hypocritical to say that even those who cross into our country illegally have no human rights. That doesn’t mean that they have a human right to amnesty, or unfettered immigration, of course.



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