Secret Service Swoops In, Arrests Man For Throwing OBJECT At Trump During NRA Speech

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As Trump was walking on stage today at the NRA convention, a man literally threw his cell phone at Trump. He was a pretty bad shot, but the secret service swooped in and the man is behind bars now:

KNX1070 – An NRA attendee was taken into custody Friday after throwing a cell phone at President Trump as he walked out onto the stage.

In the video, the shadow of a phone being thrown in the direction of the president as he stood at the lectern. Secret Service agents swept in and swiftly arrested the person.

The phone missed the president by a wide margin.

Here’s a bit more info from Katie Pavlich:

Here is video of the cell phone being thrown:

At the end of the video the AP shows a photo of a man. I would assume this is the one who threw the cell phone at Trump, but they don’t say so on the video:



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