BREAKING: NRA Locks Into Heated Legal Battle With Los Angeles – Fighting For Second Amendment Rights!

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The NRA is not backing down from a ridiculous new city ordinance from the city of Los Angeles trying to shame businesses to cut ties with the NRA.

From the Hill:

The National Rifle Association (NRA) on Wednesday filed a lawsuit over a Los Angeles city ordinance that requires contractors to disclose ties to the gun rights group, calling the measure a violation of constitutional rights to free speech, free assembly and equal protection.

The NRA said in court that the city ordinance “is about discriminating against a lawful organization and its members and supporters because the City does not approve of their political speech.”

So ridiculous. Here’s how the Hill characterizes the law:

The ordinance, which took effect April 1, requires a government contractor to disclose “all of its and its Subsidiaries’ contracts with or Sponsorships of the NRA.” It also mandates that contractors update the city on any new contracts or sponsorships.

Clearly they are trying to bully the NRA out of business.

The lawsuit characterized the ordinance as “one of the largest cities in the country using its power to bully lawful businesses and individual members based on their political viewpoint.”

The NRA is seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction that prohibits the city from enforcing the ordinance and an unspecified amount in damages, as well as court costs.

I hope the NRA knocks the crap out of the Los Angeles government for their absurd law at a time when that city is facing so many problems from homelessness and illegal aliens. But that’s what happens when the voters elect complete idiots into governance….


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