Joe Biden’s Goose Is COOKED! He’ll Be Out Of The Race Once America Reads This!

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According to an old local news report unearthed by the Washington Free Beacon, Mr. 2020 — Joe Biden (herehere, and here) — previously declared homosexuals working for the federal government “security risks.”


Like perhaps everyone tryin’ to live off the public doll via Democratic office, Joe no doubt wants to be viewed as a gay super hero. It’s the party of minorities, right? It’s the only group fighting for the disenchanted and disenfranchised. In fact, last year, The Biden Foundation started “As You Are: a Family Community and Acceptance Campaign.”

The Foundation’s site trumpets:

“[F]ar too many LGBTQ people—especially those under 25—still face rejection from the people closest to them. So we’re inviting you to help us change that. Share your story with us. Let’s work together to make the world better for LGBTQ young people. No matter your background, you deserve to be safe and affirmed.”

Is it just me, or have we reached a disturbingly weak point in society when national efforts are being made to make people feel “affirmed”? What happened to rugged individualism and personal strength? It used to be, “Sticks and stones…” Now it’s, “Call the police if someone hurtsyour feelings” (here and here).

Not good.

What’s even less good — for Joe Biden — is the September 25th, 1973 issue of Delaware’s now-defunct The Morning News.

The story covered Biden — in his freshman year as senator — meeting with the North Star Civic Association.

A gay rights activist, Robert Vane, asked Joe what he thought of discrimination against the community in the arena of military and U.S. Civil Service.

His answer? Them gays is dadgum security risks!

“My gut reaction,” Biden told Vane, “is that they (homosexuals) are security risks but I must admit I haven’t given this much thought … I’ll be darned.”

Well darn!

As pointed out by the Free Beacon, Swarthmore University Professor Rick Valelly explained that Joe’s fear wasn’t entirely unique:

“It was a view that dated back to the late 1940s. The idea was that high status gay men would be so afraid of being outed that they’d be susceptible to blackmail. It was a view that activists fighting for civil rights were trying to vaporize, because there was never an instance of homosexual blackmail.”


Nonetheless, Joe’s goose is cooked.

Say goodbye to 2020.

Say farewell the Left’s embrace.

The media are gonna be all over this.

Prepare for scorched earth.

Aw, who’m I kidding? You’ll never hear of this again. And your Democrats friends and family will never know it existed.

If it were Donald Trump who’d asserted the risk, you’d have to chop off your ears to free your brain from the barrage.

But the media are probably already rubbin’ their legs together on this one.

And all we’re gonna get…is crickets.

Via RedState

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