BREAKING: Supreme Court Justices Likely To Give Trump’s Citizenship Question The GREEN LIGHT!

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There’s not a lot of substance to go on here yet, but from media reports it sounds like the Supreme Court may end up ruling in favor of Trump adding the citizenship question to the census.

Here’s what we know from Bloomberg:

Key U.S. Supreme Court justices seemed inclined to let the Trump administration add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census in a clash that will shape the allocation of congressional seats and federal dollars, Bloomberg News reports.

Hearing arguments in Washington, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh directed almost all their questions to the lawyers challenging the decision to ask about citizenship.

Kavanaugh said Congress gave the Commerce secretary “huge discretion” to decide what to ask on the census.

And from Reuters:

Conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday appeared sympathetic toward a bid by President Donald Trump’s administration to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census, a plan opponents have called a Republican effort to deter immigrants from taking part in the population count.

The court has a 5-4 conservative majority, and conservative justices signaled support toward the administration’s stance.

Chief Justice John Roberts challenged New York Solicitor General Barbara Underwood, whose state sued the administration over the plan to add the question, saying citizenship is critical information for enforcing the Voting Rights Act.

As I said there’s not much here yet. I was hoping for more on the questions they asked, but so far this is it.

The citizenship question that Trump wants on the census says “Is this person a citizen of the United States?”.

I KNOW! It’s such a white supremacist and racist question to ask! How dare Trump want to know who is a citizen and who isn’t???

So just a word of caution. Even though it appears the Supreme Court may support Trump on this, you never know how they are going to end up on the issue. To paraphrase an old axiom, don’t count your SCOTUS judges before they vote.


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