Democrats Can’t Handle This! Latino Votes Expected To Be A Huge Factor For ………..

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A national immigration analyst says President Donald Trump’s popularity is continuing to grow among Hispanic Americans – a segment of the American population that’s projected to become the largest voting minority in the 2020 presidential election.

“Latinos are paying attention to what President Trump is doing,” says Maria Espinoza, national director of The Remembrance Project, adding that they’re also welcoming “the results of his America First policies.” The Remembrance Project, a Texas-based not-for-profit, honors and remembers Americans and legal residents who have been killed by illegal aliens.

Trump’s approval among Hispanics is certainly seen in the polls, Espinoza continues. “Forty-five to 51 percent of Latinos support this president,” she tells OneNewsNow – and she expects those numbers will only increase in the next two years. She is convinced Trump’s work is “impacting every average American family” – despite the color of their skin.

Hispanic Americans like what they are seeing in the economy, she notes. And contrary to what the media attempts to convey, Espinoza says Hispanic Americans actually appreciate what the president is doing to keep America’s communities safe by securing the border.

“I’ve been along the entire the border,” the analyst shares. “I’ve been out on the night watch in the middle of the night, and I’ve seen illegal aliens cross the border through night vision.” She knows some cross into the country wearing backpacks and the Border Patrol often finds out the backpacks are loaded with drugs. “Those drugs,” she laments, “reach our communities and our schoolyards.”

Espinoza argues that left-leaning media outlets – in an attempt to divide the country – are manipulating the border crisis by not telling the public the truth.

“Hispanics [actually] do understand that we have laws [in America]. We’re not stupid,” she states. “We know it’s wrong to cross illegally into another country. And when you speak with legal immigrants and Hispanics who are not illegally in the country, they don’t want to be associated with that illegal alien population.”

Unfortunately, she says, that’s exactly what is happening. “[Illegal aliens] are basically giving us a bad name and [the media is] dumping all Latinos into one bucket.”

Hispanic Americans who have entered the country legally are “trying very hard to be heard,” she says – and those who have entered legally, she adds, do not “prescribe” to the belief system of those entering the country illegally.

Her father was born in Mexico, Espinoza discloses. “[He] came [to America] the right way,” she explains, recalling that he was a farmhand and a lumbermill worker, then went on to own three Mexican restaurants. “That is the American dream.”

Pew Research Hispanic growth

Socialist tactics

According to the national immigration analyst, every Hispanic American knows what needs to be done to succeed – “[but there are] far too many Left-driven politicians who are driving a socialist agenda,” says Espinoza. She points to Venezuela as an example of the struggles within socialist countries. “[You] will see how that system of government has not worked [and] has failed their citizens.”

But the failure of socialism is something mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about, she attests. “We’re all Americans – and what the far-Left socialists are attempting to do is to divide us,” she emphasizes. “[They’re] are trying to pit one group against the other [while attempting to] pin one group as a victim.”

This tactic, Espinoza contends, has been implemented “to activate [the victim] into jumping onto their bandwagon – which is a far-Left agenda, which is anti-America and anti-Constitution.

“They will erase our borders and erase America, because they don’t believe in our system of government. They want to shred our Constitution.”

All the while, she continues, many people are “fighting tooth and nail” to come into the country.

“We have a front door and we need to use it,” she explains. “[But] if we don’t stand by our fundamental laws of secured borders and by the laws instituted by our government and by ‘We the people’, then the Americans are the ones who are going to end up getting hurt.”

Contrast in coverage

As the national director of The Remembrance Project, Espinoza is a voice for Americans and legal residents who have been killed by illegal aliens. “All of these lives,” she says, “are permanently separated. You don’t hear [about these lives] very often in the media.

“[But] in the fake news there are 124 stories for the illegal aliens who place their families and their children in harm’s way and who neglect their children. Yet they are [just] temporarily separated,” she adds. “[There are] 124 for them versus one story for the American citizen whose loved one was killed and permanently separated from their family through no fault of their own.”

And that, she laments, exemplifies the failure of the media and the “huge injustice going on right here in our own country against our own citizens.”


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