Dana Loesch Just Took Eric Swalwell’s Man Card, And We’re Dying Laughing!

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Like brave Sir Robin before him, 2020 presidential candidate Eric Swalwell bravely ran away, away when his call for a one on one debate with an NRA president was answered by none other than NRA spokeswoman and radio show host Dana Loesch.

Swalwell has been running on an anti-gun platform, which naturally found him squarely on the opposite side from Loesch. The two have exchanged many tweets over time, however, Swalwell initially tried to pretend he didn’t know who Loesch was, causing the internet to correct his demonstrably false assertion.

Swalwell seems to have dropped the act now and is now taking the “why are you so obsessed with me” route of denouncing his opponents. To add onto that, Swalwell attempted to dismiss Loesch as beneath him to debate, saying that he doesn’t deal with “mouthpieces.” Instead, Swalwell said he wants NRA president Oliver North.

Loesch corrected his timeline, noting that she actually didn’t spend all day blowing up his timeline and sent him a few tweets as a response to tweets he sent her in the first place. Loesch also pointed out that by refusing to deal with her and asking for a man, by the rules of the left, Swalwell was being pretty sexist.

Swalwell ignored Loesch and instead called the NRA leadership cowards for not coming forward to debate him.

Loesch, however, once again offered to be Swalwell’s Huckleberry, adding “unless you’re afraid to lose.”

Not so surprisingly, brave Sir Swalwell ran away, or at least hasn’t attempted to rebut Loesch.

It’s likely that Swalwell knows that when it comes to facing down Loesch that it will be a miserable defeat for him. Swalwell’s entire narrative relies on the fact that he doesn’t actually engage in debate and probably knows that North won’t take the time out of his day to give Swalwell what he wants.

Loesch, as the spokeswoman, is more than willing to step up to the plate and actually give Swalwell the debate he wants, and if there’s one thing Swalwell wants to avoid at all costs, it’s an actual back and forth. The narrative he’s crafted would collapse immediately and he likely knows it.

Loesch’s jab that he’s scared to lose wasn’t just a play on Swalwell’s ego to debate her. It was bringing what Swalwell knows would be the end result to the forefront and letting everyone know that he knows it.

Via RedState

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