Traitor And Rat, Michael Cohen, Attempts To Bribe Himself Out Of Prison. It Fails MISERABLY!

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The last-ditch effort by Donald Trump’s former “fixer”-turned-“rat” to keep himself out of prison a little longer appears to have failed.

Last week, Cohen offered Democratic lawmakers more dirt on Trump — some 14 million supposedly new-found files of it, in fact — but the chair of the Democrat-controlled House Intelligence Committee signaled Monday that Cohen’s attempt to push back his 3-year prison sentence scheduled to start May 6 by promising his cooperation didn’t work.

In December, Judge William H. Pauley III sentenced Cohen to three years in prison for a variety of crimes, including fraud, lying to Congress, and campaign finance violations. In his emotional plea, Cohen blamed his “blind loyalty” to Trump for his criminal behavior. “I blame myself for the conduct which has brought me here today, and it was my own weakness and blind loyalty to that led me to choose a path of darkness over light,” said Cohen. In testimony to the House Oversight Committee in February, Cohen promised to provide “irrefutable” evidence that his former top client was a “racist,” “conman,” and “cheat” who was guilty of various “illicit acts.” But the hearing quickly became more about Cohen’s various deceptions than convincing evidence of Trump’s alleged wrongdoing.

With his May 6 prison sentence rapidly approaching, Cohen and his lawyers sent a letterto key Democrats last week saying they have just recently gained access to a hard drive that has 14 million files, including voice recordings and emails involving Trump, that investigators would love to have — if only they will help him convince prosecutors to delay the sentencing. In the letter, Cohen’s lawyers said they hoped his sentence “will be substantially postponed while he is fully cooperating with prosecutors and Congress.” – READ MORE

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