Maryland Police STOP Jihadi Muslim Attempting France-Style ISIS Attack Just Miles From TRUMP!

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A jihadi Muslim from the state of Maryland was close to committing a mass-casualty style attack just just miles from the White House not two weeks ago. He was planning one similar to the truck massacre in Nice, France in 2016.

Thanks to police officers in Prince George County the jihadi was thwarted, perhaps just hours before he carried out the attack.

Here’s what happened:

WJLA – According to the criminal complaint and other court documents, on March 26, the Alexandria Police Department was contacted concerning a leased U-Haul vehicle that had been stolen from a parking garage at a mall in Alexandria, Virginia. The driver, who had rented the U-Haul vehicle had noticed a man driving a blue BMW follow the U-Haul off Interstate 395 and onto mall property, then follow the U-Haul into the parking garage and park a few spaces away. When police responded to the garage, they found the BMW near where the U-Haul had been stolen. A check of the BMW’s registration records revealed that the BMW was registered to Henry.

On March 27, the stolen U-Haul was located at National Harbor. Law enforcement reviewed video surveillance of the area that showed Henry parking and subsequently exiting the stolen U-Haul. Henry was arrested the following day.

According to the detention memo, for two years, Henry has harbored “hatred” for those who do not practice the Muslim faith. Allegedly inspired by videos he watched of foreign terrorists, Henry decided to conduct a vehicular attack, similar to the 2016 truck attack in Nice, France, for which ISIS claimed responsibility.

After stealing the van, Henry drove around, arriving at Dulles International Airport in Virginia at approximately 5 a.m. on March 27. The government’s motion for detention alleges that Henry exited his U-Haul and entered the terminal, trying to find a way through security, allegedly to harm “disbelievers” in a way designed for maximum publicity. After more than two hours of failing to breach Dulles’s security perimeter, Henry allegedly returned to the U-Haul.

According to the motion for detention, Henry then drove the U-Haul from Virginia to National Harbor, arriving around 10 a.m. March 27. The motion for detention alleges that Henry parked the U-Haul and walked around a popular part of National Harbor. According to the motion for detention, Henry finally broke into a boat to hide overnight.

By the following morning, on March 28, police officers had discovered the location of the stolen U-Haul. When Henry leapt over the security fence from the boat dock, observant Prince George’s County Police officers arrested him.

This jihadi was itching to carry out a massacre. He first goes to an airport but after he fails there, he then proceeds to National Harbor where he intends to run people down at the harbor.

If it weren’t for the quick action of officers in Prince George County, it may have been a very bad scene at National Harbor.


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