BREAKING: Trump Announces GOP Has A Superior Replacement For Obamacare

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Late last night Trump announced a new health care plan by Republicans to replace Obamacare.

He started by ripping into Obamacare, which he says everyone agrees doesn’t work because of its high premiums and deductibles.

He also notes that the Democrat Medicare for all replacement plan would completely remove private health insurance:

Trump then notes the Republican plan will have far lower premiums and deductibles, which will make it far less expensive and more usable than Obamacare.

But he also rightly notes that Republicans need to win back the House before there can be a vote on it:

It looks like Trump is already trying to create incentives for people to vote Republicans back into power in the House.

With Democrats becoming quite radical these days and going all in on presidential harassment, it’s not a bad plan. Obamacare is absolutely terrible. The problem lies with the people who are on the subsidy side of Obamacare, because they really don’t have incentive to change the plan. They are getting the good premiums and deductibles because everyone else is paying for it.

In any event, I like what Trump is doing here. But at the same time we know how much of a fight there was within the Republican Party just to repeal Obamacare when they had the opportunity. They promised us, and yet we know how that went. It’s going to take a lot of convincing for the American people to trust that Republicans will do what needs to be done this time around.

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