Mueller Report Simply Proved That Democrats Will FABRICATE And LIE About ANYTHING Just To Win A Vote…Make ‘Em Pay In 2020!!

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President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale explained why the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller could be a huge problem for Democrats during the upcoming presidential debate.

In a summary of Mueller’s report, Attorney General Bill Barr explained that there was no evidence that Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians. Mueller also announced that there would be no further indictments for obstruction of justice.

This was clearly a blow to Democrats who believed the allegations against Trump and his campaign. Parscale claimed that Mueller’s findings are going to benefit the president’s reelection bid because of the overblown reactions many Democrats had to the investigation.

“It does show what Democrats are capable of. I think it shows the false narrative they’re doing. I completely think they are willing to lie 100 percent for anything because they cannot fight this president on policy.” – READ MORE

Via TruePundit

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