Oh, Hollywood: Nic Cage Gets Married Last Saturday, Files For Annulment Today

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Nicolas Cage and makeup artist Erika Koike got married Saturday in Las Vegas, yet just days later the two have already filed for an annulment.

From Daily Caller:

Cage and Koike applied for a marriage license and sealed the deal all in the same day, but on Wednesday, Cage went back to the court and asked a judge for an annulment, according to court records obtained by TMZ.

There’s a video obtained by the Daily Mail that appears to show the two on their wedding day and the couple doesn’t seem to be very happy.

Cage can be seen yelling at onlookers that Koike is going to take all his money. Eyewitnesses say while he was making a scene, Koike kept repeating, “Baby, I am not asking you to do this.”

The couple has reportedly been together since April of 2018. This isn’t Cage’s first time being married either. He has been previously married to Alice Kim, Lisa Marie Presley and Patricia Arquette.


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