Jussie Smollett Just Got Hit With Some BAD NEWS By The City of Chicago

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Democratic Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel continues to demonstrate how furious he is over the fallout from disgraced “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s alleged hate crime hoax.

From Daily Caller:

Emanuel said Thursday that the city will attempt to bill Smollett for the cost of the investigation. Emanuel made the comments on WGN Radio in Chicago, according to CNN reporter Josh Campbell.

The mayor told the radio hosts that the $10,000 bond Smollett forfeited after charges were dropped against him “doesn’t even come close to what the city spent in resources.”

“They said, in fact, the police did a good job and the evidence holds up and he actually did commit the hoax. They’re saying $10,000 and two days of community service is good enough,” Emanuel told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday. “I don’t believe, not only is it not good enough — especially when he’s walking around thinking he’s innocent.”


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