Lindsey Graham Takes Up The Fight To Hold Democrats And Their Lap Dogs Accountable For Russia Collusion Hoax!

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One of President Trump’s most dogged, and surprising, defenders in the US Senate is South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. How Graham morphed from a rather outspoken critic of President Trump during the GOP primaries has been a matter of study. The New York Times did a very good piece on the transformation…spoiler alert: Graham wants a Republican president to succeed. But this hasn’t stopped some very bizarre speculation, for instance, MSNBC Host Claims Donald Trump Is Blackmailing Lindsey Graham

But during this whole collusion nonsense, Graham has been one of the few senators willing to actually push back against the insanity. Indeed, working as Chuck Grassley’s second-in-command in the Senate Judiciary Committee, he was critical at picking at the loose ends of the now collusion conspiracy theory. And as it became obvious that the investigation was winding down, Graham was among the first to begin describing what the “day after” might look like, see Lindsey Graham Vows To Find Out If Rod Rosenstein Was Duplicitous Scum Or Merely A Liar and there was the epic Twitter response he sent to the pompous, self-righteous James Comey (see my colleague Tom LaDuke’s coverage of that Sen. Lindsey Graham Drops Twitter Bomb On James Comey).

At 11:30 today, Graham gave a press conference on what he sees at the next steps in finding out how we got to the point of a two-year investigation that found nothing of substance.

This is the gist, via Washington Examiner:

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said Monday that he’ll launch his own investigation into the 2016 election, but he’ll focus on anti-Trump FBI employees and Democrats’ payments to fund the Steele dossier.

He said that includes getting answers from fired FBI Director James Comey and tracking down the use of the anti-Trump Steele dossier in a secret court wiretap warrant. And he chided reporters for ignoring those issues in favor of an obsessions with Mr. Trump.

Here are some video highlights via Twitter.

Graham is on the right track. But he’s not going far enough. More on that later.

Via RedState

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