Ilhan Omar INCITES Muslims At CAIR Conference To ‘Raise Hell’ Make Americans Feel ‘Uncomfortable’

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Rep. Ilhan Omar continues to prove that she is one of the most extremist members of Congress with her speech telling Muslims to “raise hell” because she believes they are second class citizens, a completely absurd claim.

Watch the short video below:

I’m not going to pretend Islamophobia doesn’t exist, it does. There are plenty of peaceful Muslims in America, and they should be treated like everyone else. That doesn’t mean, however, that because there are some who treat them differently, or are bigoted against them, that they are “second class citizens.” Pretty much every class in America are discriminated against by someone – including white people, and even males. That doesn’t make them second class citizens. If there was a system in place to oppress a class and it was approved by the government, THEN you can make such a claim. That just doesn’t the case in the U.S. because of the protections of the Constitution. And that is why Omar is insane, and extreme, and reasonable Muslims need to call her out on it…

Via TheRightScoop

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